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for everyone

Wednesday through

Saturday 10am-8pm


May 4, 2020

due to WA STATE mandated closure to stop COVID 19


  • precision & barber cuts

  • curly/ wavy hair

  • custom color formulation

  • balayage and/or foil

  • vivid colors

  • color correction

  • bridal/formal & vintage styling

  • micro-lock hair extensions

DHD utilizes Color Me by Kevin Murphy,

Kevin Murphy, Pravana, BABE extensions,

Loma and Moroccan Oil.

"D'Arcy knows hair! I am one of those women with thick, wavy, curly, coarse hair  sometimes a stylists' nightmare. She is amazing and not only works collaboratively with you on what will work for your life with your hair, but is so knowledgeable about the science of hair as well. Professional, fun, skilled, and on time! All the things you want in a stylist." 

- Jen C., client

"D'Arcy is awesome and has always given me an excellent, quick cut. Even when I go in not knowing exactly what I want, she has a unique way of figuring out exactly what's going to look good on your head."

- David R.., client

"...the best haircut I've ever had!  I feel like I actually look like I'm in style for once.  I don't think my hair has ever been this well layered, healthy, or soft! During my consultation with her, I knew I was going to receive a wonderful haircut because she just seemed to talk about curly hair in a way I don't think I've heard before (she got it)."

- Olivia G., client

"I just got my big-fuzzy-wavy mane of hair cut by D'arcy, and this is the first time in my life that I have left a salon with my hair just diffused dry with a tiny bit of product and felt and looked great. She listened so well and explained exactly what she thought was the best cut to meet my goals."

- Monica D., client


In September 2014, she became part owner of Emerson Salon alongside Lancer Forney-McMahon. 

D’Arcy’s philosophy of hair includes the belief that form must be in harmony with function and therefore, must be in line with the clients’ needs and wishes.  She is a compassionate and understanding stylist whose sole aim is to empower each guest with confidence in their hair and thus, themselves.


Individualized consultation, precision, razor & barber cuts,  curly/ wavy hair, custom color formulation, dimensional foil & balayage, vivid colors, color correction, bridal/formal & vintage styling, and micro-lock hair extensions.

D’Arcy Harrison became a transplant from the Rhode Island area 18 years ago. She has an extensive background in the theatre including a BFA in Acting. For years, D’Arcy toiled in the retail and restaurant industries before she discovered her passion for using hair as a creative and professional medium.


She remembers many years growing up wishing a hairstylist would listen to and understand what she wanted out of her wavy, frizzy hair. This is why D’Arcy has strived for over 15 yrs. to combine her technical expertise with her innate artistic touch. Her main priority is the client and knows its NOT “just” hair.

“I love doing hair and talking with people. It brings me joy to make people feel good and to become someone’s trusted hair advisor. I come from an artistic family so I consider myself a ‘Hair Designer’ because creating something especially for a client is so important!”
    - D'Arcy


In Salon Schedule:

Wednesday through Saturday 10am-8pm

Have questions about D'Arcy's rates? Unsure what you're looking for? Please contact us at darsula7@gmail.com.

POLICIES: Please cancel no less than 24 hours in advance. DHD reserves the right to alter services rendered or reschedule an appointment that arrives 15-20 min late. DHD reserves the right to charge a minimum $25 fee for cancellations made less than 12 hrs before appointment. Canceling a color appointment may incur a $50 cancellation fee less than 12 hrs in advance. Payment sought through an email SQUARE invoice.

Lost? Click HERE for directions.

Emerson Salon’s cross streets are E. Pike & Broadway Ave, we are directly across from the Shell Gas Station.