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Fall 2022 Updates

Omigosh! I haven't added to my blog in here in way too long. Apologies to my legions of fans

First and foremost- my loyal clients are always in the know with my quarterly newsletters I send to your email. For most up to date items please make sure to check that out and put in your contacts so it doesn't land in your spam! UPDATE PRICING LIST BELOW-

to book an appointment online ---

click the image below:

Big changes are occurring at the Emerson Salon location- but this time it's to say goodbye to my colleague of 13 yrs, Lancer Forney-McMahon!

To read more about where he is moving to--- click on the image below:

I hope everyone had a beautiful and enjoyable summer now that life has returned back to a nominal normal in the wake of Covid. Remember to mask up when you come for an appointment and lastly-



& Check out my Linktree to see about education on PHONEBANKING for DEMOCRATS!

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