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"HAIR-rowing" Halloween & Holidays UPDATE


Starting NOVEMBER 2, 2020:     

- I will be adding select Monday afternoons to supplement

my Fri & Sat service days until Dec. 31.  - I will continue to work solo while providing quality services with heightened recommended & required COVID19 protocols in tandem with our HVAC system and a Air Purifier.  The Following Mondays will be available for

online booking between 1:30pm and 6:00pm:          Nov 2, Nov 16, Nov 23, Dec 7, Dec 21

**Due to demand, please plan ahead for holiday appointments and book now ***


D'ARCY LIFE UPDATE!  As some of you may already know, I had to make the difficult decision in August to put my 20yr old cat Sassy to sleep. It was devastating! She had been with me throughout most of my time in Seattle and saw me through numerous jobs, boyfriends and movie night snuggle sessions. I know she will forever be in my heart and I am grateful for my time with her.  I LOVE YOU FOREVER SASSY! **** I grew up with dogs, cats, horses & even helped rescue orphaned raccoons for a brief time when I was 11 yrs old. I LOVE ANIMALS!  So I made the decision (after a healthy mourning period) to add to my family 2 bonded kittens! They share the same Daddy and we are unclear if they are full or half siblings.  Originally, I was told they were girls. THE VET BEGS TO DIFFER! HAHA! They are what you call "VOID KITTIES" which means they are black with no markings. They bring such energy and joy to my little home and I am swimming in cat toys, high-pitched meows and feather fishing poles!  ----See them below!


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