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Masks Required Regardless of Vaccination Status

SORRY Y'all!

It looks like I jumped the gun on this one!

1. King County just issued a directive that all indoor public places should continue to maskup. SEE LINK HERE:

2. Also, Gov. Inslee has not updated the Personal Services Guidelines and currently- all must mask inside salons, spas etc in WA state regardless of vaccination status. Even if that changes- King County can supercede it.

3. I was having second thoughts about this anyway as vaccination status is not 100% protection from contracting COVID19- it just blunts its deadly effects. I sincerely apologize for being excited as we have all been through so much this past year. Regardless, I should have waited to see where the chips fell. I want us all to feel and be safe. I am amending my health form and policies (again) to reflect this.

XO Love and light OX

"The Vocal Cosmetologist"

D'Arcy Harrison

PS: Emerson Salon has not moved yet.


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